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Some Zen moment of mine

Hi, my name is Jhon, and I’m the writer of the LastPen Affiliate and your fellow in this journey.
I started this blog with a mission, to share not only my knowledge acquired since 2010 in the online marketing field but to share the threats and opportunities of this market.
When I started back in 2010, the tools I’ve used was ridiculous compared with today’s offer. The only thing goes about the past of the Internet is that you had so few choices that you didn’t spend much time trying to figure out what was the best tool or service to accomplish the purpose.

“Train while they sleep,
Study while they have fun,
Persist while they rest,
And then live what they dream”
Japanese proverb

So back in 2010 I started a blog with a friend of mine, we both loved technology and we both had lots of technology we could review. So we decided to create a technology review blog. We would promote certain Amazon and eBay products via affiliate links and we could do what we love: share our opinions about what we had so people could make some better choices.
The start was bumpy, we choose a crappy hosting and we didn’t had a plan.
In the first 6 months we lose the time we didn’t have and things we couldn’t afford.
However, in the 7th month something start to append: we start to get revenue. By the end of that month we’ve made almost 2.000€!
But wait, there’s more, by the end of the 8th month we made 5X more! Yes, you are right, we’ve made almost 10.000€ in one month.
But something terrible append: too much ambition and too less of a business plan. We not only lost all our revenue, but we lost the most important asset of all: Our audience!
That appends because we didn’t crack the right codes to make money online, we thought we could make some radical changes and have even better results. We were completely wrong!
By the end of the first year we were back to 0. We make the call to end it all and.

“Be persistent while they resist”

During the next 7 years I din’t forget what append, my life stopped for a year and I was happy doing what I liked the most. I studied and learn for 7 years and suddenly I figured it out, the key for the success has always in front of my nose in my favorite proverb:
“Persist while they rest”.
By being persistent, you are making more than 99% of the rest and if not now, in the future you will succeed. The other lesson that i’ve learned to time was to be grateful for what you have but don’t expect gratitude from others.

Today, older and wiser i have a different view and a different approach on this internet thing of making money.

I hope you learn something with this blog as i would like to learn back in 2010 when i started.

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Jhon B.