Make Money On Your Smartphone, Is It Possible?

Hello, today we will talk about ways to make money on your smartphone¬†by DOING NOTHING!…Yes, you’ve read right, doing nothing at all. Let’s check it out!


Registration and Installation of the APP

P.S: The APP will only work in android devices. iOS APP is being developed.


First of all, you have to register, after you click on the link, then you’ll be redirected to this page:

slidejoy register page

slidejoy register page

If you choose the method “Normal” you’ll receive your earning in cash (via paypal) or GiftCards, if you choose the method “Hero” all your money will be donated for institutions. So choose wisely.

Then you have to choose the way to sign up to the app, if you choose Facebook, you’ll get a popup window for you to allow for the app to access your name and other stuff, if you choose Email, you insert your Email and pretended password and your done.

You’ll receive an email and you have to confirm your registration. So make sure to be alert to incoming mail.


To install the APP in your smartphone you have to go here and download the APP.

After installation you just have to enter the APP and use the credentials you’ve typed in the registration and your DONE!

If you can’t download the app from the playstore, try this link.

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Hidden Content

Using The APP

You’ve noticed that your lockscreen is probably different…Now you see adds and if you scroll down you see news. That is the magic in SlideJoy, you just have to unlock you smartphone to make money. That’s right, to make money on your smartphone you just need to slide from left to right and your done, you’ve earn some cash!

How can i see how much I’ve earned?

Open the APP and in the account menu you’ll see “total slidejoy carats”, that’s how much you’ve earned.

How much carats do i need to earn to make 1$?

You’ll need 1,000 carats to make 1$, but you’ll see you can make 1,000 carats in no time!


The Offers

You can make more money other than unlock your screen, who? in the APP you have a tab called OFFERS. There you can play games and answer some polls and make even more money!


Come back to the blog in one month and answer this questions:

Who much money could you make in one month with the APP?

Are you a normal user or a Hero?

How much did you donated?


This was only one of the APP’s i use to make money on my smartphone, stay tuned for more posts, i will post lots of other ways to make a passive income aka making money doing nothing.



Jhon B.

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