What is the best course for affiliate marketing?

What Is The Best Course For Affiliate Marketing?

There are lots of affiliate marketing courses all over the internet, ones are scams others are true. But even if they are true, they could be some MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or other schemes. Today, we will review an Affiliate marketing courses that I’ve been using for some time. Could this course be the best course for affiliate marketing? let’s check it out.


Wealthy Affiliate

Price: Free (premium options)
Owners: Kyle and Carson



Wealthy Affiliate is one of those sites that as soon as you register you start to see the benefits it could bring to your business. The amount of FREE resources are amazing and the community around is very helpful and supportive. WA is full of free resources you can use to create your own business or improve your existing one. Certifications, Bootcamps, tools to create your own website in less that a minute, a community that will answer all your questions in mater of minutes, live chat and many other tools that will make you be more productive and have all you need in your business in one place. For free.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that will teach how can you:

  • choose your profitable niche to get started
  • create your own business from scratch
  • Extend your new or existing business to reach more people and make more sells
  • Optimize your content creation method aiming to rank the first page in Google searches
  • Social Media optimization
  • PPC extensive course
  • Add Ads to your site and optimize your profit

New trainings are added every day, so you can guarantee not only that you’re watching updated content but the learning resources are in a growing number and you can keep learning and deepening a certain area that you want to focus more than others.

WA overview

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

The beauty of the Wealthy Affiliate is that the method they teach you has no strings attached, so the method not only works with certain niches, it works with every niche you choose to operate.


What do i get after i’m in?

After you make your registration in WA you’ll be presented will a dashboard like this:

wealthyaffiliate dashboard

Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

NOTE: Your Dashboard may vary (i have a premium account so i have access to more this. we will see this ahead in full depth)

As you can see by the picture of the Dashboard, Wealthy Affiliate is highly community based (we will discuss this later in the review) and you have lots of ways to expose any question you have during the trainings or in Bootcamp, or any other question related with your online business.



  • Certification is a great foundation to learn how to create a niche website, If you already have a niche website, the Certification is great to get amazing tips and tricks to optimize your already existing website and to organize your content creation method. Amazing Resources!
  • SiteRubix is one of the best tools, you can create a website in less than 30 seconds. This Site will have all the features of a professional and high ranked website.
  • Bootcamp provides the best resources to look into Kyle’s shoulder while he creates a new website niche and ranks it in the first page. You will get all the information and secrets you need to mimic the lessons learned and if you do so, you’ll have guaranteed success.
  • Classrooms with almost everyday new trainings that provides even more resources. Some of the classrooms have an invaluable price for their content. A must watch!
  • Live Video Classes to watch as the name indicates live classes and the previous live Classes. Here you can get lots of great value from Kyle’s and Carson lectures and get more resources.
  • Lots of tools that could cost you a fortune if bought separately (we will see all those tools in more depth)
  • Amazing forum with thousands of active users and very supportive community. If you have any question it will be answered in mater of minutes! you have lots of topics solved so there is a great chance your questions has already been made and answered.



  • Wealthy Affiliate is a very complete online training with not only lots of resources but you also get a very supporting community and invaluable tools, ALL FOR FREE. Sometimes the forum can be a little overwhelming but with time you start to know where to find what you want and get the best trainings to complement your already gained skill within the certification, Bootcamp or classrooms.
  • The Keyword tool is not that good, there are far better tools for Keyword Research, but to kick start you online business is more than enough.
  • The Live Chat could be more organized, sometimes you don’t get it what is happening there and is difficult to take advantage from it.


Anyone how is starting their own online business or an advanced user can greatly benefit from Wealthy Affiliate. WA has literately thousands if not millions of hours of resources you can consume and apply in your business. The resources difficulty vary from beginner to advanced, so anyone with intends of making money online can get major advantages in Wealthy Affiliate.



So, regard the training you have 5 major places where you can get lots of great content:

  • Certification
  • Bootcamp
  • Classrooms
  • Forum
  • Internal Blog

In this places combined i’me pretty sure you will find any question you might have. Let’s see them in more depth:


Certification is divided in 5 levels. Each level focus on different subject, but the 5 levels are deeply connected to each other, so you have to watch in in order so you can get the most of it, here’s the Overview of the Certification:

wealthy affiliate certification overview

Certification Overview

Each Level has 10 lessons, so you’re looking at a 50 lessons training, almost every lesson has a video (very few are just text and images) with 15 minutes long somewhat so all the 5 levels of certification have more or less 750 minutes of training!!!And we are just scratching the surface!


In the Bootcamp you will get in the date of this review 7 phases. Bootcamp will give you an in depth practical manual on how to create your own niche site and start making money. The Certification levels are more generic and they serve you as guide lines to start or improve your business, the Bootcamp have FAR MORE CONTENT!!!

wealthy affiliate bootcamp overview

Bootcamp Overview

Like in the certification, every phase has 10 lessons, almost everyone with at least one video of 15 minutes (more or less), so you’re about to get access to 70 lessons and about 1050 hours of content!!!


Classrooms are a complement to Certification and Bootcamp where people add more value to 13 different topics. Inside of each topic are tons of resources not only from normal users but from experienced users (ambassadors) who provide not only explanations in text and images but trainings in the different topics.

wealthy affiliate classrooms overview

Classrooms Overview

Each classrooms is an entire world of resources (text, images, tutorials, etc) and you can get all of that just accessing this link. So if you what to be a expert in one (or all) of those Classrooms, just enter and start studying the resources.


The forums are one of the strengths of Wealthy Affiliate. There are millions and millions of threads with Q&A and if you have a question, there’s a great chance that there’s already an answer even before you post it! Here’s a minuscule example how the forum looks like:

wealthy affiliate forum overview

Forum Overview

You have also a comprehensive search bar which let’s you make searches very easily throughout all the content and you can find very quickly any content you like.

Internal Blog

Every user can create his own internal blog, and you can find quite good resources there too. experienced Users use internal blog alot, and there are users with more than 200 entries on their blogs, let’s me show you what i mean:

wealthy affiliate blog overview

Blog Overview

Kyle’s Blogs has more that 300 entries!!! and there are a lot of good content you can consume there, so definitely worth to check it out.

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Hidden Content



This Tools is invaluable!!!Create your professional website in less than 30 seconds! Not only you can manage it but you can monitor it. You can pay lots of money for an hosting, SiteRubix is COMPLETELY FREE, you can get more features (as we will see later) in the premium version and they definitely worth it.

This is the List of Features you get in SiteRubix:

wealthy affiliate siterubix overview

SiteRubix Overview

After you create a website with literally 5 clicks you go to your SiteRubix dashboard:

wealthy affiliate siterubix dashboard

SiteRubix Dashboard

Here you can manage your overall stats and see if everything is running smoothly.

If you decide to upgrade your Wealthy Affiliate account to Premium Membership you’ll get an hosting instance with this specs:

wealthy affiliate siterubix premium specs

SiteRubix Premium Specs

As you can see, the specs of the machine in witch your site runs is amazing! how much would you pay for this hosting alone?! i can guarantee you would pay more than the Wealthy Affiliate premium subscription! And almost forgot this “little detail”: In Premium option you’ll get a completely free SSL encryption!!!

Keyword Tool

This is where the Wealthy Affiliate is not that great. You’ll get a Keyword Research tool that is less complete as Jaxxy, but definitely usable and you can get very complete results, save keywords to lists, manage you lists (create new, modify or delete), but it lacks of some important data for a more complete research. Let’s check it out how it works:

wealthy affiliate keyword tool

Keyword Tool

As you can see, it’s a very simple tool you can use to make good keyword researches, but if you want a more powerful tool, you might consider Jaxxy, check it out my review over here.

Other Tools

You also get a trackable links generator for your marketing campaigns. With this tool you can measure how much people access throw your links, in which time and from where.

Rapid Writer to create articles for your blog. with this Writer you can measure the keyword density and get a more SEO friendly content for your blog.

Keyword Lists will show you the most high traffic keywords in very different niches so you don’t have to spend hours doing a keyword Research, you simply check out the lists and choose the one that fits best your niche and your content.


So now, let’s compare the Free account with the Premium account. You will definitely get more resources and tools with the premium account:

wealthy affiliate membership grid

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Grid

So, as you can see the Premium subscription has more advantages than the free account:

  • Access to all the Bootcamp phases are priceless;
  • 1-on-1 coaching is a great resource to get results faster;
  • Training Classrooms also worth the Premium account;
  • Live Video Classes.

The question you have to make is: what would be the cost of all this features if you buy it desperately?

Important Note: there is no required fee in Wealthy Affiliate, so if you decide to upgrade to Premium Account and after a while you decide that it’s not for you, you can cancel anytime you want, instantly. But i truly believe you’ll be amazed with the quality of the content and as i, will stay in Premium so you can save on time searching for all the tools provided in wealthy Affiliate and the money you save and earn!




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